Wanda A Ramirez is a clarinetists’ with the Bartlett Community Band and the River City Concert Band of Memphis, Tennessee. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Wanda relocated to Memphis, Tennessee with her brother Sam. One day she hopes to return to Louisiana to be near family and friends. Currently, she is an Administrative Assistant with Avon District 1804 out of Louisiana. Wanda A Ramirez is working on another book titled, Born Into Two Lands, subtitled Between New Orleans and Puerto Rico. One of her chapters is called, Way Down Yonder in New Orleans and In My Old San Juan. In 1788 eight hundred fifty -six buildings and in 1794 two hundred-twelve buildings were destroyed by fires in New Orleans French Quarter. The French Quarter was rebuilt by the Spanish who was in power then. Afterwards, the French Quarter and Old San Juan have many similarities in their architecture. I am privileged to be culturally endowed with two great lands with many similarities as well as unique differences.

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